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Volt: The Power Bank

Volt: The Power Bank

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  • Long Battery Life: Our power bank boasts a 40000mAh capacity, providing enormous charging power capacity for your phones, tablets, and other devices. Enjoy long battery life at your convenience.

  • LED Display: The power bank features an LED display that shows the battery level, making it easy to monitor the remaining power.

  • Simultaneous Charging for 4 Devices: With four USB outputs, our power bank can charge four devices simultaneously, allowing you to share the power with others.

  • Dual Emergency Lights: Equipped with dual LED emergency lights, our power bank can provide you with a reliable source of light in any emergency situation.

  • 3 Types of Power Input Ports: The power bank has three types of input ports, making it compatible with almost any type of charging cable.

  • Polymer Batteries Strong Core: The power bank is built with a polymer battery and TI scheme protection board, ensuring low internal resistance, high reliability, strong charge and discharge, and longer life cycle.

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