LED Flashlight

Flashlight to help you in emergencies and illuminate your way.

Power of 75,000 mAh

Charge any electronic device with the power of 75,000 mAh.

30W Solar Input

Charge your power station effortlessly with solar energy.

Power 24x7

Power up all kinds of devices with the help of its AC port.

Digital Display

Built-in display to showcase charging levels and enhance user experience.

Innovation just a CallMate away


Raghav Dutta

My parties just got better with their Sound Bars. Great quality and excellent audio experience.

Keshav Mehta

CallMate is my go-to brand for all kinds of mobile and laptop charging accessories. All the products are of the best quality.

Karan Mathur

Cool and stylish C-Thru Series is my favourite CallMate device. Highly recommened for its look and performance.

Prem Singh Gill

CallMate 1,00,000 mAh charger is the best charging solution that charges all my devices. Great stuff!

Salim Qasim

I use CallMate Proton ear buds for all my workout sessions and boy what an audio experience!

Manoj Singh

By far the best powerbank manufacurers in India

Mehak Rastogi

Loved their C-Thru series! Really cool aesthetics

Janhardhan Shah

Great Products, Amazing customer support

Just a Call Away

Everyone owns a device that needs a CallMate – whether it's a smartphone, laptop, or car. We specialise in crafting innovative solutions to power up your daily life. As a manufacturer of top-notch power banks, earbuds, headphones, earphones, and wireless chargers, we also offer convenient device holders like laptop stands, phone holders, and car accessories.

Innovation is the heart of what we do, bringing you solutions that stand out and enhance your everyday experiences. Our products deliver exceptional performance that truly impacts your life. When in doubt, remember to CALL YOUR MATE for reliable solutions.

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