Blitz: The Power Bank 50000mAh

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  • Two-Way Fast Charge: Our power bank boasts a 15W large-capacity fast charge output, fully matching the fast charge rate of mainstream fast charge protocols on the market, allowing you to charge your devices quickly and efficiently.

  • LED Power Display: The full view LED display screen is visible for power management, providing a clear and convenient way to monitor the battery level of your power bank.

  • Three Input Ports: Our power bank has three power input ports, including Micro, Type-C, and Lightning, allowing you to charge and store power for the mobile power supply using the data cable that comes with your phone.

  • Three USB Outputs: With three USB output ports, our power bank can charge three devices simultaneously, allowing you to share the power with others. The 2.1A output ensures that your devices are charged quickly and efficiently.

  • Polymer Batteries Strong Core: Our power bank is built with a polymer battery and TI scheme protection board, ensuring low internal resistance, high reliability, strong charge and discharge, and longer life cycle.

Color: Black

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