Voice Control Light

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Vibrant Tricolor Conversion: Transform your space with white light, warm light, and dichromatic light options. Enjoy three levels of brightness to suit any mood or activity.

Intuitive Voice Control: Effortlessly manage your lighting with built in microphone and simple voice commands.

Simple Voice Commands:

  • Turn On: "Turn on the light"
  • Turn Off: "Sleep"
  • Change Color: "Change the color"
  • Adjust Brightness: "Dim the light" & "Brighten the light"

Light Diffuser for Soft Illumination: Experience a soft light source that enhances the ambiance without harshness.

LED Plate Technology: Illuminate with energy efficient and long lasting LED plate for consistent and reliable lighting.

Plug & Play Convenience: USB powered with easy USB input, eliminating the need for batteries or complex installations.

Versatile Usage: Ideal for various settings, from relaxing evenings to focused work sessions.

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