Volcano 120,000mAh Power Station

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Powerful Capacity: 120,000mAh power station providing ample energy for various devices.

High Power Output: 500W/220V with a pure sine output for efficient and reliable power supply.

USB Charging Ports: 4x USB outputs for charging smartphones, tablets, and other USB powered devices.

Convenient DC Outputs: 4x DC outputs with individual on/off switches for precise control.

Versatile Charging Options: Multiple charging modes including 60-120W solar panel, AC wall socket, 12V car charger, and Generator.

Built in Lamp Torch: Equipped with a lamp torch for added convenience in low light conditions. Easy control over the lamp with a dedicated on/off switch.

Digital Display Battery Indicator: Provides a clear and accurate battery level display for better management.

Power/Fault Indicator: Alerts you in case of a power fault for prompt troubleshooting.

AC Charge Indicator: Indicates the charging status when connected to an AC power source.

Solar Charge Indicator: Keeps you informed about the solar charging process for optimal usage.

Multipurpose Use: Suitable for powering various devices such as PCs, TVs, smartphones, 50W fans, and laptops.

Portable and Efficient: Ideal for outdoor activities, emergencies, camping, or as a backup power source.

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